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December 3, 2016



We welcome you to the privileged owners group of the highly efficient hydraulically operated CRAWLER MOUNTED CDR 750 manufactured by M/s. KLR INDUSTRIES LIMITED., Hyderabad, and Telangana State, India. Hydraulically operated crawler mounted Drilling Rig CDR 750 can be rated to be one of the unique innovations achieved by KLR INDUSTRIES LIMITED, the Rigs are manufactured with utmost compact, High performance and user friendly Machine. Designed as an integrated Drilling machine, this model is eminently suitable for variety of medium to heavy duty drilling needs such as Core drilling application. This equipment has been customized to undertake CORE DRILLING for mineral sample extraction by using suitable tools and drilling accessories.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Data Description
Application Surface Exploration
Diameter PQ, HQ, NQ
Depth PQ - 300 m | HQ - 500 m | NQ - 750 m
Note:- Depths are Based on Vertical Drilling Only.
Prime Mover Power for the hydraulic is taken from suitable deck engine
Mast Max. Rod Handling Capacity - 6 m
Rotary Head Torque 51 kg.m - 420 kg.m
Rotary Head Speed 125 - 1000 rpm
Pull Up Load 8050 kgf
Pull Down Load 3900 kgf
Pull Up Speed 30 mpm
Jacks Four box type hydraulic jacks
Mast Dumping Mast Dumping For Angle Drilling.
Rotary Head RH Slide Out
Rotary Head RH Forced Lubrication.
Foot Clamp Hydraulic Operated
Main Winch Bare Drum Capacity : 6000 kgf | Line Speed : 45 mpm
Wireline Winch Bare Drum Capacity : 1000 kgf | Line Speed : 150 mpm
Mud Pump Type : Triplex piston pump | Maximum flow : 120 lpm | Maximum Pressure : 70 bar
Mounting Options Crawler / Truck / Skid

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