KLR DTH-1500
December 2, 2016
December 1, 2016



The comprehensive range of KLR DTHR 300 drilling rig offered by us is widely used in DTH cum Rotary drilling drilling rig which is suitable for hole dia 6.5” (continuous), 9”, 10” and 12”(over burden) by DTH Drilling and 8”(Continuous),12 ¼ & 16”(Reaming) by Rotary Drilling up to a depth of 300 meters. These truck mounted rigs use power from truck engine through transfer gear box to ensure better performance. The rig has a box type structure with excellent rod handling capacity. The pull-up and pull-down functions are performed by means of hydraulic cylinder and wire rope in the equipment. We offer our products with additional attachments like welding machine, 6” x 8”mud pump.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Data Description
Hole Diameter 6.5"(Continuous)9",10" and 12"(Over burden) 8"(Continuous)12 ¼" & 16"(Reaming)
Depth 300 Meters
Truck CLA 26.280 / 31.230 / 25.280 / As per customer request.
Prime Mover Truck Engine
Application Water Well Drilling Rig
Formation Soft / Hard / unconsolidated / Alluvial
Mast Hydraulic cylinder with pulley and wire rope | Maximum Pull up force - 14500 kgs | Maximum Pull down force - 7500 kgs | Reeving Ratio 1:3 | Maximum Pull up speed - 45 meter / minute | Maximum Pull down speed - 60 meter / minute
Rotatory Head Max speed: 0- 170rpm | Maximum Torque: 600 kg.m
Hydraulic system Maximum Working pressure 210 kg/cm2 | Pumps: Load sensing
Hydraulic Oil Cooler 120gpm / 150 gpm
Break out Wrench Maximum Torque: 500kg.m2 | Cylinder bore: 80mm / 100mm | Stroke: 300mm / 350mm
Levelling Jacks Four Box Hydraulic levelling jacks
Water Injection Pump Triplex reciprocating pump powered by hydraulic motor
Optional Attachments Shock sub, Stem lock, hole sweeper, Dust collector, Digital controls, Auto drilling, Auto Rod charger, GPS system, Driller AC cabin, Data logging system, Welding generator, Six rod carousal and mud pump..
Rod Changer Manually operated rod changer to handle single rods with 1000 kgs. capacity pull up winch to carry drill rods, casings and hammer tools.
Mast Raising Cylinder Bore: 100mm2 | Stroke: 800mm | Quantity: 2 No's
Air Compressor Atlascopco XRV 1200 cfm - 330 psi / 1100 cfm – 300 psi / As per customer request.
Air Line Lubricator 18 liters
Mud Pump Capacity: 6" x 8" | Linear size: 6" | Stroke : 8" | Flow : 1024 lpm | Pressure : 20.74 kg/cm2 | Optional : 6" x 8"(capacity)

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