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KLR KPR 5-42
December 1, 2016
December 1, 2016

KLR - K2


KLR-K2 maintains a high level of productivity even under the toughest conditions Advanced Hydraulics for boom and feed positioning, Rotation, feed, and tramming ensures superior performance. KLR- K2 capable to drill a hole diameter of 4.5” (continuous) and 6.5” (overburden) bore depth up to 30 meters. The optional attachments are shock sub, stem lock, Digital controls, Auto drilling, GPS System & Data logging system.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Data Description
Hole Diamete 4.5"(Continuous) 6.5"(Over burden)
Depth 300 Meters
Under Carriage For Mounting Rig & Diesel Engine
Prime Mover Diesel Engine
Application Production Drilling
Formation Soft / Hard Rock
Mast Chain & sprocket | Maximum Pull up force - 2200 kgs | Maximum Pull down force - 2200 kgs | Reeving Ratio 1:3 | Maximum Pull up speed - 30 meter / minute | Maximum Pull down speed - 30 meter / minute
Rotary Head Max speed: 0- 100rpm | Maximum Torque: 150 kg.m
Hydraulic system Maximum Working pressure 220 kg/cm2
Hydraulic Oil Cooler 40 gpm
Leveling Jacks Two Hydraulic levelling jacks
Water Injection Pump Triplex reciprocating pump powered by hydraulic motor 12 lpm
Optional Attachments Shock sub, Stem lock, Digital controls, Auto drilling, GPS system, Data logging system.
Air Compressor 450 cfm - 150 psi or 600 cfm - 250 psi
Air Line Lubricator 18 liters

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