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Acquire the most trusted Borewell machine manufacturer in Hyderabad today! 

Introducing KLR Universal, a leading name in the field of drilling and excavation equipment with a rich history and steadfast commitment to quality for almost four decades. We are specialists in the production of drilling rigs, rock rollers, drill rods, and other drilling accessories such as DTH hammers, cluster hammers and rock roller bits. We have successfully built our brand over the years by ensuring that every device we produce meets the highest standards of quality and performance. 

Borewell machine manufacturer in Hyderabad , To ensure our production lines are solid and can deliver uninterrupted service, we abide by a series of stringent quality management systems. We are an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9001:2008 certified company and also conform to specific requests of our customers to deliver custom-designed devices. With a global presence in 60-plus countries, we continue to push ourselves to ensure we meet market demands and also build a strong platform where innovation is encouraged. 

As a leading borewell machine manufacturer in Hyderabad, we are committed to helping our customers achieve their goals efficiently and safely that deliver performance and value that can last a lifetime.