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Secure the best drilling machine for sale in Hyderabad with KLR Universal! 

Founded in 1984, we are a leading manufacturer of high-quality drilling leads with a rich history of many successes over the years. We specialise in the designing, manufacturing, and delivering of superior quality drilling leads for a variety of drilling projects. We are specialists in the production of drilling rigs, rock rollers, drill rods, and other drilling accessories such as DTH hammers, cluster hammers and rock roller bits.  

Drilling machine for sale in Hyderabad, By combining cutting-edge technology, unparalleled expertise, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we have firmly established our brand at the forefront of the business. Operating in 60-plus countries, we are dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of our clients and revolutionising the entire industry. Starting from meticulous raw material selection to robust production systems and stringent quality norms, we guarantee that our products are designed to endure the most challenging drilling conditions. We proudly hold ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications, which underscore our adherence to international quality standards. 


In addition to our technical expertise and insight, we provide our customers with comprehensive support services and other forms of assistance to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction. 

The most trusted drilling machine for sale in Hyderabad comes only from KLR Universal.